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Garantie de 12 mois incluse

Mise en circulation



7832 miles

Couleur Carrosserie

Bleu ciel et flancs blancs

Couleur Intérieur


Nombre de cylindres



5700 cm3


300 SAE

Produced at the factory only 6 months after its first appearance in New York in January 1953 as a prototype, the Corvette C1 was the first car to benefit from a body, made by hand, of fiberglass reinforced plastic.

The Corvette got a V8 engine in 1955 after having been equipped with a 3.9 l 6-cylinder engine since its inception, an engine criticized for its lack of sportiness and which almost made the model disappear.

From 1956 the headlights became round and the sides widened, making it possible to choose a different paint on this part of the rest of the body.

The 1957 version did not change stylistically, only the displacement increased to 4.6 liters. This is the last version that retains the "simple" headlights at the front, switching to "4 headlights" in 1958.

The V8 used was a 283ci mated to a standard 3-speed mechanical gearbox or the optional Powerglide automatic gearbox.

From April 1957 the 4-speed manual gearbox made its appearance.

This engine demonstrates the sporting character of the car and relaunches the model which will be built in 6339 copies for the year 1957 and which finally takes off sales of the Corvette.

Beyond the power of the engines, the myth of the Corvette was born, an exceptional look, a fluid and aerodynamic line, unique to this first generation.


The copy offered to you was delivered in June 1957 in a very beautiful “Cascade green” livery, matching beige “clock” vinyl upholstery and a hood of the same color and in perfect condition. It is equipped with a 350ci small-block V8 engine (later, reference 10243880) and a 4-speed manual gearbox. (Not original)

It is part of the first C1 of 1957 since it is the 774th out of 6,339 copies released that year.

This vehicle was imported to France in December 2012 after being fully restored in Germany. The quality of the work is noticeable by discovering this car up close, both on the outside and looking at its underpinnings.

The first French owner (2013-2019) replaced the clutch and had discs installed at the front in order to slow down the fiery mechanics and the moderately efficient braking of the original 4 drums.

More recently in 2019, the upholstery and carpets were redone and the rear brakes were refurbished.

Whitewall tires are fitted to new rims.

Fantastic line and sound will immediately transport you to 1950s America!  

A complete overhaul will be carried out before the sale.

Chevrolet Corvette C1

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